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Wed-Sun: 9AM - 5PM

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Wed-Sun: 8AM - 3PM

Country Mischief Plus:
Wed-Sun: 9AM - 5PM

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Country Roads Christmas
Consignment Vendors
We are dedicated to bringing you antiques
that have a voice and that sing a whimsical
tune. We hope that our name brings a smile
to your face and you to our shop to
experience the warmth of Robins in the
Trundle Bed.   View some of our items by
RobinsInTheTrundleBed or come
visit our shop where our items are displayed
in the front parlor and hallway of Country
Mischief Plus.

Welcome to Three Country Friends.   
Step into a room filled with new, gently
used, primitive vintage, and hand-made
items.  We offer an eclectic choice of home
Traditional.  View some of our items by
ThreeCountryFriends or come visit
our shop where our items are displayed on
the first floor of Country Mischief Plus.   

Welcome to "Bits and Pieces" by
Charlotte Menninger.

The “Charlotte’s. . . Bits and Pieces" is “a
little bit of this and that” !!! The majority of
the items are gently used, practical and re-
usable for others to enjoy. Some items are
brand new. I enjoy photography, painting,
needlework and basket making. So at times,
one may find a framed photograph,
handmade wool pillows or table runners,
painted items and baskets. So…if you stop in
to browse at Country Mischief, do take a
peek at my collection ! You just might find
something that will suit your fancy. If so,
enjoy !

Welcome to the Eclectic World of
Kathy Duca.

I am Kathy, a born collector/picker…. my
plans are to offer an eclectic mix of old,
vintage, and recent home decor, collectibles
and gift items.  You may see small furniture,
crocks, kitchenware, linens and some just
for fun pieces.  You never know what you
may find because I never know what I may
come across in my travels.  

Welcome to a unique little space
offering by Mary Oliva

I learned to knit and crochet when I was 9
years old.  I have enjoyed the hobby ever
since.  Of all the items that I have on display
at Country Mischief Plus, my personal
favorite is the Irish fisherman knit baby set.  
Stitch patterns have traditional
interpretation.  The honeycomb pattern is a
symbol of the hard-working bee.  The cable,
an integral part of the fisherman’s daily life,
is said to be a wish for safety and good luck.
The diamond is a wish for success and
wealth.  My baby version has all three of
these patterns.  The sweaters are machine
washable and dryable and are a beautiful
way of wishing a special baby health, wealth
and happiness.
I do take orders.  If there is something you
have in mind and do not see in my space,
Country Mischief has my contact
information and we can talk about it.  In
most cases I can make what you need.
Mary (McDonald) Oliva

Welcome to The Rabbit Hole.

I am so happy you found us.
My name is Nicole, I am the owner of The
Rabbit Hole.
I fill my booth with exciting colors and
eclectic vintage pieces. Some old, some new
and some repurposed just for you.
Anything from Grandma and Grandpa’s
Attic to… well everyone needs a little
Steampunk once in a while. If you need a
conversation piece you should be able to
find it in The Rabbit Hole.
Please come in and see what great items
awaken your creativity…After all being
creative takes courage, just like jumping in
The Rabbit Hole. Shop smart! Shop local!
Reuse, recycle!