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Meet the Crew
Meet the Country Mischief Crew
Owners: Gail & Glenn Whittle
Gail Whittle, owner of Country Mischief
owner of Country
Mischief for over 25
years. She came into
this Gail has been
the owner of Country
Mischief for over 25
years. She came into
this because " no
one would hire her
anywhere else."

Her favorite part of
her job is her
Glenn Whittle, owner of Country Mischief
Glenn has been a full time fixture here since he
retired from his full time job.  
In his own words - "I was pressed into service
behind the scenes...Mcgiver for my bride and
happy to do it." His skills include dish washing,
unplugging toilets and wood splitting. In his
joking words, "Country Mischief would be
nothing without me:)" but in Gail's words, that is
very true.   
Glenn brings "the male point of view into a
feminine empire" and has dubbed himself,
"protector of fingernail polish and those things
that are "oh so dirty". "
Cindy Dow, Retail show room designer at Country Mischief
cindy dow
Cindy - RSD
(retail showroom designer)
Cindy has been
a "volunteer"
here for over 20
years. You may
find her in either
store at any time.
In her words she was "born into it.  I was sixteen
when my mother had empty nest syndrome. My
three brothers were all away at college and mom
decided to start a business.  Being genetically bent
from my mothers genes, I developed her knack of
display and creativity even though my own tastes
do not lean to her preferred style, I am still excited
when new items arrive."
My job is to use the new items that come into the
store and create the ambiance that "is" Country
Mischief.  "I enjoy when customers come in and
they notice I have been busy changing all the
rooms around."
You will see Jennifer every Saturday
serving meals at the Mischevous Chef.  
She has been with us for many years
performing many duties within the
store and restaurant.  
Barbara is one of our V.I.C.'s
(volunteer inventory coordinators)
Barbara came to work in our main store
because: "I was working in a local bank
for over 15 years and it closed and sold to
an out of town bank, so I needed
something to do."  Her "favorite job to do
is organizing.  Being a volunteer I can do
what I want and go home anytime, no
questions asked."
Emil has been our "Repair Executive"
for over 13 years.  He can be found
at his desk in the basement of our
main building.  When asked, How did
you come to work for CM, his joking
response is, "forced into it"  His
favorite part of working at Country
Mischief is "I can come and go as I
please."  Also, "after many years of
expert service, I earned the name of
"Dad" from the owner."
at Mischievous Chef early in 2011.  
She answered our add in the
newspaper for part-time help.     
The fit was so perfect, she has
since worked herself into a full time
position. She loves working with
customers and can be heard
throughout the day saying her
catch phrase "I'm just sayin".  She
worked at the Pizza barn and Pete
& Henry's before coming to Country
Tammy - aka "Bashful",
because she will not let us take
her picture.  Joined our team
part-time working in our
Country Mischief 2 location.
Nicole is our new full time waitress.  
Her smiling face and gentile manner
welcomes you as she serves you in the
Meet Tracy... Hired as a part
time waitress. Since she joined
the Country Mischief Kitchen
crew there hasn't been many
tasks she hasn't performed for
us and always with her
beautiful smile!